Argentina moved on to the second round. And they are the group champions.

Robert Lewandowski vs the World’s Greatest of All Time Lionel Messi. Big name. big game The stars of the football world can’t be extinguished so soon. Football will lose its color if Messi leaves. It will rain heavily that day. Not from the sky, but from the eyes of millions of people. That day will not come soon enough. Leo spoke up.

First of all thanks to Lionel Scaloni for a great starting line-up today. The best XI of this World Cup we have to say. Big call for him Julian Alvarez and Enzo Fernandez. Poland was by no means a small opponent. They are the big threat The last time we played was against Poland in 2011.

General Otamendi’s challenge in the first 2 minutes. If he were a tall man it would be round. Big head and the round butt are unfortunately out. The first gut-wrenching counter of 5 minutes left it to Poland but the job didn’t work. Messi’s first shot was on target in 10 minutes but a great save by Szejsi. In the 16th minute, Messi’s short butt cross is in the air. The good thing is that out of the last 3 matches, Argentina was somewhat aggressive from the start Although not finishing, it was going again and again. Poland also took advantage of that and was going to the counter and shaking his chest. All players are tall. That was the fear.
That double shot by Alvarez and Acuna in the 28th minute was the best of the first 30 minutes. Just inches away from the goal.

Di Maria’s direct goal from a corner in the 32nd minute would have been one of the best goals of the World Cup had it not been for Szejsny’s big save. In the 35th minute, Sagesni saves again, Alvarez’s shoot and then the penalty miss by Messi. And my god what a save by Poland’s magic man Szczesny. Barth Leo is again under pressure. Next time Di Maria or Junior should be given a penalty by Messi. But Poland played defensively today which is much more than in the other two matches.

43 and 44 minutes Alvarez and Di Maria short. and again saved by Szejsny. This Guy Was Brilliant. There are 2 things to say about the first half. 1. Argentina attacks and attacks. 2. Szejsny’s save and Messi’s penalty missed.

Mac Allister’s goal at the very beginning of the second half was 46 minutes. God is God. First World Cup goal. Finished at what. In the 52nd minute of the match, he explained that our Messi has become old. If MbappĂ© was in that position, he could have scored the goal, but Leo has less speed now. But in the 59th minute, Di Maria could have been subbed, yes I know Scaloni did that to get the team defensive but I would have been happy if it had been taken after 10 minutes. McAllister’s short again in the 61st minute. But saved. Mac was great today.

Argentina did not allow any chance to be created in the entire block taken today. I’m sure they were well prepared today. And Poland seemed very nervous and played badly today.

Our super boy Alvarez scored in the 68th minute. What a shot. Super finish. The boy will bring us many good things. 71st and 73rd minute save by Szejsny and side net short. The players are now Leo and Alvarez. When Martinez came on in the 78th minute, I called on Dybala but he didn’t come on. I feel very bad for the boy.

Martinez definitely needed a finish in the 86th minute. Such a miss is unacceptable. Will suffer in big matches. It was a one-two..two situation. In the 93rd minute, Tagliofico’s goal was saved by Alien Szczesny.

The referee’s final whistle was still in Leo Bandana’s favor and Argentina went away as favorites.

Messi did not disappoint in the end. Penalty misses are part of the game but he kept his word. He also took the team to the last 16. The juniors played great today. Poland played badly.

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