Almost 2 thirds of this season are over. La Liga and 15 matches left. Copa del Rey second leg & if win then final one match. That means getting 16-17 official matches. Our achievements this season are still top in La Liga, Super Cup winners, and semi-finals in Copa del Rey. In what direction do you think Barca needs to improve in the next season?

Which position player is more important to buy? Barca wants to buy Silva for 65 million. What is the logic of buying a player in Pedri’s position with so much money? I think KC can be tried in Pedri’s position.

I think Barca should play Dest or keep Kunder as a sub next season. Pablo Torre, Nico Gonzalez (will return from loan), and Busey (will renew contract) are good enough as midday backup players.

2 of the three at left back Balde, Alanso, and Alba are enough. But if Xavi doesn’t buy a center back next season, all three can be kept (Alanso played as a center back). Or bring Umtiti back and play as backup as he is on loan.

Now coming to this season’s strikers and wings, Ferran Torres, and Fati have not been able to play very effective football, Barca should let them go. And there is a big decision to be made on the right wing, both Rafinha & Dembele are playing well on the right wing (Ousmane Dembélé is playing better than Rafinha). If Rafinha agrees to the rotation system, he should be kept, Dembu will get more playing time than Rafi. Xavi has been playing Gabi on the left wing regularly & may play next season too. So Xavi can buy a left wing by selling Fati & Ferran if he wants. Again, if Aj Abde returns from the loan, he can also be played as a right-wing (or Gabi’s backup).

Umtiti is a good option for us as a backup defender, as he doesn’t need to be bought.

Most importantly, we need a player like Luke de Jong who can score goals from crosses & backup Lewa.

So for next season a left-wing (not mandatory), a striker (very important), or a cheap or free-agent midfielder.

Even if players cannot be bought in the transfer market, work can be done with those who are on loan. And can be run well.

Javier Tebas:

“I want the Messi-Barcelona relationship to build again. It will be fantastic for La Liga. Messi is the best player of all time.”

Journalist: “What Madridista are you?”

“Because of the position I’m in, I’ve lost passion for Madrid.”

“We all want Gavi in Barcelona, I like him. Barcelona is currently outside the salary cap for which his registration is not within the salary cap.”

“LaPorta is taking the wrong path. Acting like a ‘victim’ is not the solution. I haven’t spoken to LaPorta since November.”

“I will present myself for the next election, this will be my last❞

By aminul